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What you'll need

Ingredients: 1 18 oz bag mini pretzels twists ⅔ cup vegetable oil or canola oil 2 teaspoons cinnamon powder ½ cup sugar ½ cup white chocolate melts

Pretzels – use any hard or soft pretzels. Hard pretzel twists, pretzel snaps, or pretzel sticks can be used. Soft pretzels can be used, with homemade pretzel bites or pretzel twists may be used. Cinnamon powder – use a mix of cinnamon powder, a hint of nutmeg powder, and a dash of ginger powder. White granular sugar can be substituted with granular brown sugar. Butter may be used instead of oil. Butter adds a rich taste to the snack. Use salted butter for a salty treat.


Add oil(or melted butter), cinnamon powder, and sugar in a bowl and whisk.

Whisk using a fork or ball whisker until the sugar is dissolved and the ingredients come together.


Add in pretzels twists to the bowl.


Toss well to coat pretzels with cinnamon sugar evenly.


Line the baking tray with parchment paper. Transfer cinnamon sugar-coated pretzels to the tray.


Spread it in a single layer.


Bake uncovered in a preheated oven at  300F for about 20-25 minutes. For pretzels to bake evenly, remove the baking tray from the oven twice to stir the pretzels in between the baking times using a heatproof silicon spatula or wooden spatula.


Remove the tray from the oven and allow it to cool completely. Melt white chocolate with a ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Transfer melted white chocolate into piping bags. Drizzle it over cooled pretzels. Let it set at room temperature.


Ready to snack  or pack it for gifting!

Voilá !

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